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About Johnsonburg Elk County Foods
In August of 2011, we added a second store to our company by re-opening the supermarket in Johnsonburg, PA that had closed the previous January. After an extensive remodel and re-design, the store opened on August 23, 2011. This store is as unique as our Ridgway store! It definitely offers big store variety in a smaller store concept. It also features the Johnsonburg Press Cafe. The Cafe is WiFi ready and offers in-store seating for our self-service hot food buffet. Residents of Johnsonburg and Elk County alike enjoy home-style cooking in a self-service format Monday thru Friday from 11 am - 7 pm. The weekend buffet is 9 am - 5 pm. This store also offers an indulgent center where you'll find creatively decorated cakes and pastries along with our famous cut-fruit trays with our white chocolate fruit dip. Our staff comes from the greater Johnsonburg area and welcomes everyone with the friendly attitude you would expect from your hometown full-service market. Manager Greg Maddalena and Assistant Manager Chris Morelli, as well as the entire management team, welcome you to stop by soon.