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Fundraising with Ridgway and Johnsonburg Elk County Foods
Ridgway and Johnsonburg Elk County Foods have outstanding fundraisers for your groups. Starting with our Elk County Gift Cards. We offer a discounted price on our gift cards for large purchases for your non-profit group to resell at face value earning your organization needed income. We also have an outstanding hoagie fundraiser. Your group can double it's monies with a few hours of work by building and delivering our famous $2.99 hoagie...known as the "meatiest hoagie in town". Also, an afternoon of working with our prepared food staff and delivering delicious meals of our succulent barbeque 1/2 chicken meals or our 1/3 St Louis Style Pork Rib dinner can net your non-profit group a large amount of funds for a very small effort. Both of our locations also offer other unique opportunities for non-profit groups. Call the stores and ask for Steve Cleveland for more details.